Why being called a “stripper” is not a bad thing

Last night I went on a facebook rant on a friends post after she posted a video of herself twerking and dancing in her own living room, clearly having a good time and then someone told her she “looked like a stripper” (derogatorily). I thought I’d share my response, as I don’t believe the word “stripper” should ever be used as a means to cause harm to someone as the word has some pretty impressive history to it. This is just a small congested version of the history I’ve researched in my rant.

“Shake it! You look awesome and are a great mover.

Just in case anyone tells you again that you look like a stripper, I’d take it as a complement. You move well, look good and exude confidence and there is no shame in that.

Warning, history lesson ahead: Strippers of days gone past also were key in the women’s movement to allow freedom to work, to be proud of your body, and be able to wear what you like. Without strippers pushing boundaries we wouldn’t be wearing singlets and shorts now days, nor have had the sexual revolution of the 60’s. Many also supported their family and were considered socialites of their era.

The term stripper should not be used derogatorily at all. And those who do clearly have no idea about who they have to thank for their modern day rights as women.

And much of the movements you use hail back to traditional African dancing, as well as Middle Eastern. It requires muscle isolation and control. If someone disapproves of the movements then they also are showing ignorance to some very old cultures.

Finally. You look frikken awesome so fuck them. Move how you want, coz dancing is for you and it makes you feel great!!!!! “

END NOTE: Women have fought hard to get to the point they are at now (even though we are still treated unequally in general). Don’t bag on their efforts, their looks, they way the move, the choices they make or what they do with their bodies. We’re all face many of the same challenges as a gender and by bringing each other down, slut shaming or otherwise, we are only holding ourselves back.

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