This is the list of workshops that MisRed Delicious currently offers and travels with. If you would like her to come and teach one or more, please contact us. Workshops are generally 90-minute, with discounted rates for multiple workshops being run at the same time.


Learn how to shimmy and shake, bump and grind to get fit in a fun and safe environmental. Based off the sultry moves of burlesque dancing these group fitness classes aim to improve muscle tone, physical fitness and promote positive body image though muscle isolation, core and balance, all in a low impact way. No dance experience or nudity required.

Suitable for: all levels of fitness, ages over 16, and interest.
Length: 60 minute workshop 


A beginner introduction to burlesque. Teaching you the basic of burlesque walking, movement, and it’s history, this class aims to incite your desire to learn more. No dance experience or nudity required.

Suitable for: General Public, beginners and those wishing to refresh their knowledge.
Length: 90 minute workshop


It’s long been a symbol of sensuality and sexuality in burlesque and now it’s time to get down and dirty with your boa. We take you through the art of concealing and revealing as you entangle yourself in your boa in some dirty floor work aimed to raise the passion of your audience. No dance experience or nudity required.

Suitable for: General Public, through to experienced performer. As this is a physical workshop, good general fitness levels required.
Length: 90 minute workshop


This is not your usual Fan Dancing Burlesque Workshop. Feather fans are often symbolic of Burlesque and we aim to shake that belief up.

We will take you through the history of fans, the variety available and their uses within burlesque, exploring the language, the art of concealing and revealing and the use of character and body language to push the expectations of your audience. No dance experience or nudity required.

Suitable for: General Public, through to experienced performer. 
Length: 90 minute workshop


Classic burlesque may look effortless when done right, but it’s much harder than it appears. This workshop takes you through the craft of creating a classic tease act, the methods used to create the ultimate peeler act, and discuss the “rules” of classic and how to break them

Suitable for: Those who are already performing and understand basic burlesque movements
Length: 90 minute workshop


Performers know that connecting with the audience is important for the creation of great entertainment. Engagement comes from the energy and emotion that you bring to the stage and in this workshop, MisRed Delicious will share with you the techniques she uses in her routines that have made her successful in performing them across the globe.

Using physical and mental techniques, MisRed will take you through the theory of adding emotion and energy to your performance, exercises to bring it to stage, and techniques on how to fake it when you’re just not feeling it!

Suitable for: Those who are or want to be on the stage, no matter the craft.
Length: 90 minute workshop


With so many social media sites available out there, how do we best get our message out as artists? This workshop takes you through the pros and con, and how to effectively use social media and internet marketing to help you connect with your audiences and grow your brand.

Suitable for: Those wishing to improve their social media presence.
Length: 90 minute workshop


When you get into burlesque its very exciting with the performances, the costuming, the creativity but… it is a business after all even as a hobbyist. This workshop will take you through some of those key points to help make you a stronger brand and not just a performer. We cover topics such as etiquette and networking, marketing methods and skills, pricing yourself and invoicing, getting booked, business planning, creating workshops and more.

Suitable for: Existing performers, from beginners to experienced performers.
Length: 120 minute workshop