MisRed Delicious

Like a freshly picked apple MisRed Delicious is juicy, sweet and a little bit…. Tart. She delights audiences with her insatiable need to tease using her talent for concealing and revealing.

MisRed Delicious is an internationally renowned, multiple title and award winning burlesque entertainer. She is the co-producer of the NZ Burlesque Festival and mistress of Red Delicious Productions which boasts a burlesque academy, regular shows and tour support for burlesque artists. MisRed is a passionate force in the New Zealand Burlesque scene, and is fast building an international profile having been invited to headline and feature around the world, including throughout Europe, the USA, Australia and Canada . Her neo-classical style of seduction always is sure to tease audiences.

Click here for MisRed’s sizzling show reel.


JUDITH STEIN The Canadian Legend of Burlesque: “This year 2017 I was invited to perform at The New Zealand Burlesque Festival as their first BHOF Legend. It was an incredibly well run festival with MisRed Delicious at the helm and her efficient crew both backstage, performers, MC’S, and those in front of the house. I highly recommend this Festival on the beautiful New Zealand islands…..Thank YOU MisRed and the NZ Burlesque Community.” – New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2017

MALTA SUNDAY TIMES: “MisRed’s acts were equally well received. Her arrival on stage was greeted with much excitement by those who were already in the know. As expected, her numbers were the epitome of showbiz, in particular her last act, Rise from the Ashes, which closed the show pretty spectacularly.” – Burlesque a La Verve at Melita performance, Malta, 2015

RETRO FAN FILMS: ” I loved how she used Queen’s “Who Wants To Live Forever” as the theme for the dance. It seemed like everyone was in awe of both her dance as well as the music.” – New Orleans Burlesque Festival, USA, 2014

MELBOURNE OBSERVER AUSTRALIA: “Show highlights for me were… New Zealand’s multi-award winning MisRed Delicious whose finely choreographed routine, music and Burlesque skills were superb.” – Australian Burlesque Festival performance, Austalia, 2014

WELLINGTON REVIEWS, NZ: “The second half flew by with highlights including …my date’s ultimate favourite; the fantastical MisRed and her candy eating Marie Antoinette. The whipped cream hidden in her wig was as surprising as it was coordinated. MisRed was successful in balancing both a sense of humour and hinting at a naughty fetish, which is what I have always found so appealing about burlesque” –  Carousel Cabaret performance, NZ, 2013

KC METROPOLIS: “Among the standout performers from Friday night was MisRed (New Zealand), with a theatrically droll, violent breakup number that was made all the better by the fact that the object of her scorned girl rage is Justin Bieber” – Kansas City Burlesque Festival, USA, 2012

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