Pink Light Burlesque NZ

Pink Light Burlesque offers free burlesque classes to women who are survivors or patients of cancer. 

Burlesque has been said to have helped women to build confidence and positive body image after whatever challenges life has thrown at them as well as enable them to express their femininity in a fun and safe environment. Pink Light Burlesque aims to spread that joy and experience to those who have suffered from Cancer by offering free lessons.

It was initiated into New Zealand by MisRed Delicious, after writing a blog on burlesque being an ‘alternative therapy’ for body issues and a chance meeting with a recent survivor. Having had her own breast cancer scare at age 19 and then a cervical scare at 21, along well as having family history of breast cancer, MisRed Delicious wanted to bring the idea of Pink Light Burlesque to NZ to help those patients and survivors the best way she knew how… through the art of burlesque.

Originally Pink Light Burlesque was founded in October 2011 by Jo “Boobs” Weldon, headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque. Pink Light Burlesque offers free classes to patients and survivors of Breast Cancer in New York, in Seattle through Indigo Blues Burlesque Academy, and now in New Zealand through Red Delicious Burlesque Academy

Please contact MisRed Delicious for details on

Thank you to Jo Weldon for allowing us to spread the good work you have done.

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