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Like a freshly picked apple, she’s juicy, sweet and a little bit tart! She delights audiences with her insatiable need to tease using her talent for concealing and revealing.

MisRed Delicious is an internationally acclaimed burlesque entertainer with multiple titles and awards to her name, including Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2013. She is a respected burlesque teacher with past students performing internationally, and a successful producer of NZ shows, including the New Zealand Burlesque Festival, with her production company Red Delicious Productions.

As a performer MisRed has built an international profile worldwide having performed and taught around the world, including Vienna, Munich, Rome, Malta, Australia, Canada and throughout the USA.  She has been invited as a Headliner and Featured performer at Burlesque Festival and events throughout the world including the first Kootenay Burlesque Festival in 2018. She has received outstanding media reviews on her international adventures, with the most recent being from Canada and the USA in 2018.

MisRed is well known as a passionate force within the New Zealand burlesque scene. With her production company, she wishes to help foster international exposure for and to New Zealand burlesque performers while developing the local community to become a sustainable art form within New Zealand. Creating the Red Delicious Burlesque Academy in 2011 she aimed to help spread the availability of burlesque in New Zealand. Started in Palmerston North and Kapiti, she and the academy are now based in Auckland.

With her neo-classical style of seduction, MisRed Delicious is always is sure to tease audiences.

Main Website – Red Delicious Burlesque
New Zealand Burlesque Festival website
Facebook – MisRed
Facebook – Red Delicious Burlesque
Facebook – NZ Burlesque Festival
Facebook – Exposed! Burlesque Open Mic
Instagram – MisRed
Instagram – NZ Burlesque Festival
Instagram – Exposed! Burlesque Open Mic

The Golden Garter Award 2018 for Favourite Mentor
The Golden Garter Award 2018 for Favourite Costume “Big Red”
The Golden Garter Award 2018 for Favourite Non-Regular Production for The NZ Burlesque Festival
The Golden Garter Award 2017 for Most Likely to be caught where they shouldn’t be
Finalist The Golden Garter award 2017 for or International Recognition  (declined nomination)

The Golden Garter Award 2015 for International Recognition (NZ Burlesque Industry awards)
The Golden Garter Award 2014 for International Recognition (NZ Burlesque industry awards)
Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2013 – Overall winner
MBNZ 2013 – Miss Tease 2013 (classic title winner)
2nd Runner up Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2012
Miss Bombshell New Zealand 2011
Miss Cheesecake Pin Up New Zealand 2011

Malta Sunday Times, MALTA 
Melbourne Observer, AUSTRALIA 
Wellington Reviews, NZ
Kansas City Metropolis, USA

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