Have you been to a class, party, workshop or bootcamp? Have you had MisRed Delicious perform at your event? Give  us a rating and leave a comment in our guestbook, letting us know how much you enjoyed yourself!

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11 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I am privileged to say I am one of MisRed’s first Diva pupils in Auckland. Although I had been performing for around 3 years, MisRed taught me (in some respects) things I have been already taught….but with a new angle. I learnt more than I had ever thought possible and loved having class notes to refer to. This was not just a burlesque class, it was a fulfilling experience detailed with the utmost respect and confidence delivery. MisRed fostered an act I had been thinking of doing for some time and is currently assisting with another. MisRed has an insurmountable amount of knowledge and happily shares her knowledge and she has changed my performing life forever with her charm and patience. I am looking forward to many many more classes in the future, and recommend this little lady to all.

  2. I was privileged to be a participant in Miss Red:s shake & shimmy class. Miss Red is an amazing dance teacher and human being
    I have also been lucky enough to see Miss Red perform and she is professional, skilled and enjoyable. Such a creative artist

  3. MisRed Delicious hosted a hen’s party that I organised for a friend. She thought of everything! Bubbles, nibbels, make-up, dress-up and of course, some fantastic moves and music. We had an excellent time and I could recommend her expertise and sexy charm to everyone. What a fantastic person! Thanks, MisRed, I hope to see you at a Burleqsue workshop sometime! XXX Carlijn.

  4. I have so much more body love for myself since taking classes with MisRed! With her guidance through all the burlesque courses she does I have completed solos acts, performed in Wellington and next year I am hoping to enter competitions!!! I’ve met some amazing people and made lifelong friends.
    I highly recommend MisRed, for taking me from a shy awkward person (still awkward), who now enjoys getting her boobs out whenever she can.
    Thank you MisRed from the the bottom of my rhinestoned, glitter encrusted heart xx

  5. I’ve changed so much for the better after attending MisRed’s classes. She is a stunning performer, awesome teacher and all-round above all a beautiful person. I never intended to perform on stage, now I can’t get enough of it! I’ve been places and seen things more beautiful and inspiring than I could have imagined, and I’ve been on stage twice in 2013. I’m super excited about what’s to come in 2014!! Thanks MisRed xo

  6. MisRed taught me so much! The first time I went to Flirters I was so nervous. Way out of my comfort zone, but MisRed made me feel at ease. After the 6 week course, I am much more confident, stand up for myself and all because of MisRed. If you’re thinking about doing a burlesque class there is no other than MisRed to teach you.

  7. In April 2013, I bowled up to the studio with a belly full of butterflies and wobbly calf like legs attempting to walk up the stairs in a pair of heels. That feeling of apprehension quickly vanished when I meet MisRed. The butterflies vanished and the fun began! After a short 6 weeks under MisRed’s instruction, along with a wonderful bunch of women, my confidence had grown to over flowing and I was totally and utterly in love with Burlesque.The passion that bubbled from MisRed was infectious and I found myself hanking for the next class!
    In September 2013 after completing the Flirters and Starlets classes I found myself on stage with 3 other amazing women shaking what our mamma’s gave us in front of 100 people! N-E-V-E-R in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I could do that, but thanks to MisRed and her unwavering support, passion,encouragement and funky, sexy routines I did it and can’t wait to do it all over again this year.

    MisRed, words cannot express what you and your classes have done for me. Love and sparkles. Jo

  8. I started out in Flirters in Feb 2013 rather apprehensive and a bit awkward…flash forward to April and I graduated a Diva!!! I’ve learned so much from MisRed, from stage craft, costuming, marketing, etiquette, self-esteem and body confidence to name but a few. The other girls in my classes are now my best friends and my sisters. I’ve grown so much as a performer and a person and been dealt some absolutely mind blowing opportunities. I couldn’t recommend too highly a class or course in burlesque from MisRed, even if you don’t perform on stage, the experience is so fulfilling.

  9. 2013 Flirters and Starlets classes. Am redoing them for 2014 and completing DIVAS!, stoked classes are Mondays this year..perfect fit with my working week. Great to kick start the weeks off with a lil Shakerise and Bump n Grind to..
    Preforming with Starlets 2013, in Sept, like a lot of your students, found a new found love for Burlesque and its power to Love yourself and courage to Own a stage 🙂 the way you nurture woman to become comfortable with themselves. Though im quite confident myself with preforming, it was a real blast watching you guide the shy few transform into sexy minxs that finally found what their power was/is an let it out!-and own it. As a teacher you are great with instruction. How you remember a number of routines at one time and switch between different ones in one class was oober impressive. I truely enjoyed walking out at the end of each class just feeling on-top-of-the-world, haha and most nights dancing my way home down the side-walk !
    I loved having class notes to take home as well-very helpful for revising/practising.
    The little class discussions were super handy too to bounce ideas off each other through each course.
    Your awesome at working with students, you make it very easy to get comfortable with a class of strangers.
    I am looking forward to finally attend, maybe preform, at a NZ Burlesque Festival. Due to personal complications, i was unable to attend purchased ticketed events of NZBF13 but look forward to the opportunity this year.
    Keep up the good work with the Academy and up coming Shows/Events.
    I look forward to be a student again for 2014, so see you again very soon.

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