Private Lessons

MisRed Delicious offers one-on-one lessons for those who may wish to learn burlesque in private, whether new to the art, an already experienced performer or someone who wishes to apply the learning’s to their everyday life. or chosen hobby

We offer private lessons in

  • Sultry routine for a special occasion or to surprise a loved one
  • Stage presence
  • Walking in heels with confidence
  • Poise
  • Character development
  • Routine development and polishing
  • Marketing and etiquette
  • Using Feather boas, fans, and other props
  • Private lessons can also be tailored to groups of of 2-3
  • And more can be offered and tailored to your needs….

$50 per hour per person at your venue or ours*.

A 12-month mentoring package is also available. In this package you get a one hour session each month (12 sessions total) with which to use how you chose be it work-shopping a routine, through to learning about the business of burlesque. This can be done from ANYWHERE via Skype so offers flexibility if you do not live in the region. Package is $500 saving you $100 if sessions were purchased individually.

Contact us now to book your private lesson with MisRed Delicious.

* Venue cost and travel may be additional.