Signature Routines

Big Red

A truly classic burlesque styled act, featuring  tribute waterfall fans. This three part act is set to the jazz music of “Saint James Infirmary”, “East St Louis Toodle-oo” & “Such Sweet Thunder”, and incorporates traditional bump n grind and fan dancing with MisRed’s signature energy and love for the conceal and the reveal. Please note, the birdcage is no longer included.

Run time: 9:05 minutes
Footage: New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2017

 Mae’s Muff

Inspired by the sass, class and ass of Mae West, this is an art deco styled act full of parade, pose and innuendo!

Run time: 4:18 minutes
Footage: Flash Mob presents Burlesque! 2018

Black Widow

Don’t get caught in the web for you may never want to leave. Something a little more deadly, something with a little more bite, this act ensnare the audiences senses in this modern burlesque routine.

Run time: 4:26 minutes
Footage: Kootenay Burlesque Festival 2018

Lilac Dream

Set to Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart’s “I’ll take care of you”, MisRed takes traditional Burlesque and puts a neo spin on it. Taking you a journey of sensual rediscovery, Lillac Dream is a Siren Song drawing in audiences with sensuality and exploding in fits of passion.

Run time: 5:15 minutes
Footage: New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2015

Earth Grind

Shaking the Earth with a classic boa bump n grind, MisRed presents her iss Burlesque NZ 2013 award winning act. Performed to a jazzed up version of “Don’t Cha”, this energectic routine shows you that classic is all about the tease.

Run time: 4:22min
Footage: New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2014

Rise from the Ashes

Join MisRed on a journey of loss, strength and rebirth in this hommage to the the Firebird set to the music of Queens “Who Wants to Live Forever” This routine is powerful and moving, always pleasing audiences. This act won Runner up at Miss Burlesque Aotearoa 2022

Run Time:  4:15 min
Footage: New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2014

Let Them Eat Cake

A fun neo burlesque involving the search for Marie Antoinette’s sweet treats.

Run time; 3:35min
Footage: Carousel Cabaret 2013

Nigel Napkin – Character

Nigel Napkin is the your silent in-between-entertainment entertainer who has no words but still got a lot to say. Available as a silent walk around character, stage kitten, and occasional surprise routine, Nigel is highly entertaining feeding off the audience and giving it back in the most awkward of ways.

Bad Kitty – MC

Bad Kitty loves to get her ears scratched and whip the audience into temptation with her bullwhip and sarcastic sense of humour. Bad Kitty enjoys getting out of her catsuit occasionally and is always up for a mid-show bath.

Available to host your event and entertain your guests