Thank you

gratitude_brownI am so incredibly excited. Last week I had confirmation that I would be back in the USA to perform at the Show Me Burlesque Festival in Saint Louis Missouri. I’ve been aching to get back state side since my first trip in 2012. In fact I had the opportunity last year to go to this same festival, but I knew I needed to make sure the New Zealand Burlesque Festival wasn’t jeopardised by my own needs. This year though, I’ve decided not to let either become a victim of the other.

After the festival it took some time to see it for the mostly positive experience it was, and regain my passion for burlesque. It was only once I started looking to performing again I realised that I had sacrificed performing as a part of my burlesque journey to help others on theirs. I need to enjoy this art if I’m to continue to convince others it’s worth being a part of. And so I’ve decided to fundraise to help me not only get to the USA, but also to the Australian Burlesque Festival and the Perth International Burlesque Festival that I have been asked to be a part of.

It seems weird to me to fundraise for myself. It feels selfish. Those who know me personally know I don’t ask for help often, and when I do it’s only of those that I fully trust and confide in. I am a believer of the old clichés of “if you want it done right, do it yourself” and “putting your money where your mouth is”, so this is certainly not a natural undertaking for me. I’ve tried to ease my uncomfortable feeling of asking strangers to help by, instead of just asking for donations, asking people to ‘donate’ to get merchandise. I thought it was best to make sure people got their monies worth and hope they will see this as a worthwhile deed.

When people do donate, no matter how small, thank you never seems enough. I can’t help but get teary eyed when I see a pledge or an offer of assistance in some form or another. Gratitude is a powerful emotion, and one that is at times hard to covey to others. It so often is seen as obligatory and superficial. When I say very simply “Thank you”, please know that I am genuine in that thanks, and wish to keep the words untarnished by adding anything more to it.

So to those who have in the past or are planning to in the future support me, no matter in what form that takes or for whatever cause it may be…


If you would like to help MisRed in her bid to get overseas, please

  • go to Pledge Me to make a pledge with reward,

  • come to the Fundraiser show on 11 April at the Willowpark Tavern, Palmerston North,

  • or use the contact us page to buy a raffle ticket, or make a direct donation.