New start to a new year


So many changes have happened since MisRed and Red Delicious Revue first hit the scene in 2011. Both have evolved and expanded. MisRed got married to, well, herself, and is now MisRed Delicious. Red Delicious Revue is now only one part of Red Delicious Burlesque as corporate shows, hens parties, and a Burlesque Academy are now all under the Red Delicious banner. And to top it off, MisRed Delicious and her partner in crime and life, Danny Rascal, have become the owners and producers of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival – a three day festival designed to celebrate and enhance the New Zealand Burlesque Industry. It is only fitting that a new website is created to capture all these fabulous happenings.

On here you will find information on all the things that fall under the Red Delicious Banner; MisRed Delicious’s creative CV, portfolio, upcoming shows and workshops; New intakes for the Burlesque Academy; Blogs on all things burlesque; Tips and tricks for the trade. Enjoy the site, and if your ever in need of help, feel free to get in touch with MisRed Delicious. She’s always happy to help!

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